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Wotif is part of the Expedia Group family – join and put your property in front of millions of travelers per month

Wotif registration enables properties to access millions of travel consumers from around the world.

List your hotel on Wotif – one of Australia and New Zealand’s most well-known and well-trusted online retailers. With its proud Aussie heritage, unique sense of humor, and well-earned reputation for fantastic deals and great value, Wotif is a core part of the Australian and New Zealand travel landscape.

Wotif became known for its exclusive hotel offers such as its ‘Wotif Daily Deals’ which run for 24 hours at a time and allow hotels to quickly and effectively attract consumers. Since launching in 2000 the site has continued to grow and evolve and now offers consumers an extensive range of products, including hundreds of airlines flying to thousands of destinations, great-value and fully customizable packages, and extras like travel insurance, car hire, and activities. The benefit when you add your hotel to Wotif is that by offering a variety of travel products, Wotif attracts more travelers and then showcases hotel options to these shoppers, potentially generating additional demand for its hotel partners.

Wotif registration also gives hotel partners the ability to package their property with these other travel components. One of the benefits of this is that travelers who book these packages tend to book further in advance, stay for longer and have a lower cancellation rate — making them an attractive option.

When a hotel joins Wotif, it becomes part of the Expedia Group family and so has access to Partner Central — their connection to Expedia Group’s global travel marketplace. Partner Central is a suite of self-service tools that enable partners to implement and manage revenue strategy, maintain property details and photos, promote their property and engage with guests. Joining Partner Central also provides lodging partners with a wealth of educational and help content to assist them in getting the most out of their partnership.

Key facts

  • Founded in 2000
  • One in two Australians and one in four New Zealanders have travelled with Wotif since it launched
  • Real hotel reviews from more than 9 million travellers (including more than 1.5 million Australians)

Wotif registration means you’ll be joining Expedia Group, home to 590K properties, 1.5M online bookable vacation rentals, 550+ airlines, 150+ car rental companies and 25K+ activities — offering travelers the ability to search for everything, easily and in one place.

Add your hotel to Wotif today by clicking here — and you’ll fast become connected to a growing number of global travellers.

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